Past Issues

Fall 2021 – Volume XXI, Number 2

Spring 2021 – Volume XXI, Number I

Fall 2020 – Volume XX, Number II


Spring 2020 – Volume XX, Number I

Fall 2019 – Volume XIX, Number II

Spring 2019 – Volume XIX, Number I

Fall 2018 – Volume XVIII, Number II


Spring 2018 – Volume XVIII, Number I


Fall 2017 – Volume XVII, Number II


Spring 2017 – Volume XVII, Number I


Fall 2016 – Volume XVI, Number II


Spring 2016 – Volume XVI, Number I


Fall 2015 – Volume XV, Number II


Spring 2015 – Volume XV, Number I


Fall 2014 – Volume XIV, Number II

Spring 2014 – Volume XIV, Number I


Fall 2013 – Volume XIII, Number II

Spring 2013  – Volume XIII, Number I

Fall 2012  – Volume XII, Number II

Spring 2012
– Volume XII, Number I

Fall 2011 – Volume XI, Number II

Spring 2011 – Volume XI, Number I

Patronage and Appointee Management Performance
Nick Gallo
Cultivating Citizens: The Care of the Self in Plato’s Alcibiades
M. Christopher Sardo
Preserve, Protect, and Define? President Bush’s Political Utilization of Signing Statements
Derek Cash
Targeted Killing in International Law: How Hostis Humani Generis Affects the Debate
George Ashenmacher
Political Satire and Candidate Evaluations in the 2008 Election
David Meder

Fall 2010 – Volume X, Number II

Conventional Weapons, National Security, and the American Conscience
Kira Allman
One Last Hurdle: The Constitutionality of the Health Care Mandate
William Neidhardt
Nagorno-Karabakh and Abkhazia: An Examination of Conflict Stalemates
Yuri Fuchs
Accountability v. Impunity: Kosovo, East Timor, and the Manipulation of International Justice
Paul Erb

Spring 2010 – Volume X, Number I

Fall 2009 – Volume IX, Number II

Spring 2009 – Volume IX, Number I

Fall 2008 – Volume VIII, Number II

Spring 2008 – Volume VIII, Number I

Toward Critical Citizenship: A Study of Citizenship, Legitimacy, and Civic Education
Joshua Miller

Fall 2007 –  Volume VII, Number II

Spring 2007 – Volume VII, Number I

Why Isn’t Black a Color in the Rainbow? Examining the Role of the Black Church in the Debate over Gay Marriage in America
Gregory Demers
The Shape of Things to Come: American Generational Value Change and Developing Global Civil Society
Marc Dotson
Political Movement Theory and Otpor: The Concept of Political Opportunity Structure and the Student Movement Which Organized in Opposition to Milosevic of Serbia
Emily Hilty
Toward a Local Institutional Understanding of Naturalization
Michael Reading

Fall 2006 – Volume VI, Number II

Roe v. Wade: The Inherent Protections of the Thirteenth Amendment
Shawn David Beaudette
Media Methodology: A Study of the Media’s Coverage of Methamphetamines
Meredith L. Rees, Roshan M. Bliss, Matthew L.A. Hunckler, and Molly A. Meiners
The Neoconservative Persuasion: How the Synthesis of Political Realism and Kantian Liberalism has Shaped American Foreign Policy
Scott Wetzel
Religion and Environmentalism in America: An Analysis of Green Consciousness Among the Christian Right
Marjorie M. Palmer

Spring 2006 – Volume VI, Number I

A First Amendment Analysis of Hate Crime Laws: Revisiting Wisconsin v. Mitchell and Recommending Change
Nathan R. Sellers
Candidates’ Use of the Media in the Most Recent Elections in Canada, Great Britain and the United States
Kate Metcalf
Fighting Terrorism in the Middle East: A Cultural Evaluation of the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism
Crystal E. Dunn
The Vietnam Analogy and Lebanon: History’s Inability to Compete with Preconceptions
Benjamin Jones

Fall 2005 – Volume V, Number II

The 2004 Presidential Election: An Exercise in Ritual?
Andreas Meyer
The Influence of Broadcast Industry PACs on Congressional Behavior: A Quantitative Study of the Relationship Between Campaign Contributions and Roll Call Votes
B. Jason Barlow
Globalization and its Impact on the Poor in India
Munjot Sahu
US Policy and Darfur
Lee Sherman

Spring 2005 – Volume V, Number I

An Analysis of Political Variables Affecting Women’s Representation in Western European Democracies
Haley Swedlund
Sexual Violence as Low-Value Speech Under the First Amendment
Jeremy Intihar
The Xinjiang Question: Integrating Chinese Turkestan into the Modern Chinese State
Thompson Paine
Crossing the Pond: A Trans-Atlantic Journey Through Modern Conservatism in the United States and England
Brandon J. Goodwin

Fall 2004 – Volume IV, Number II

After Afghanistan: The Future of Al Qaeda in Failed States
Andrew P. Miller
Democracy Without Democratic Journalism? A Content Analysis of The San Francisco Chronicle During the Policy-Defining Period prior to the Iraq War
Andrew J. Bloeser
Place Your Bets: Gauging al Qaeda’s Potential Nuclear Capability
Eric Loflin Smith
The Global AIDS Crisis: How to Ensure Access to Essential Medicines in the Developing World
Jennifer Hainsfurther
The Not-So-Golden Straightjacket: How Structural Adjustment has Failed in Sub-Saharan Africa
Daniel McDowell
Explaining the Endurance of the Iranian Regime
Daniel Beben

Spring 2004 – Volume IV, Number I

An Empirical Analysis of Individual and PAC Contributions to Congressional Incumbents
Justin Grimmer
The U.S. Supreme Court and the Support-Garnering Barrier Model
Justin Tosi
United States Policy on North Korea: Combining Multilateral Sticks and Bilateral Carrots
Lauren Beck
Flags Over Fili: Lessons in State-Building from East Timor
Victor L. Marsh
The Role of Religion in modern Islamic Terrorism
Dan Schaeffer
New Labour: Foreign Policy and the Ethical Dimension
Tim Hayes

Fall 2003 – Volume III, Number II

New Labour and the Role of the State
Craig Hilts
Israel: A Nuclear Strategy for the Twenty-First Century
Pietro DiScaiscio
Committee Matters: Parliamentary Departmental Select Committees
Kathleen Rudis
Sound Economic Policy or Bio-Piracy?: A Global Political Economy of Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights
Dean Foster
Sex Selection: Violence Against Women in an International Context
Lindsay Peterson

Spring 2003 – Volume III, Number I

Saudi Arabia’s Tacit Support For Terrorism
Brett Holmgren
The Logic of Argentine Collective Action: The Transformation of a Group of Ordinary Women into a Human Rights Movement
Beth A. Lauck
A Comparative Analysis of Codified v. Common Law Legal Systems in Relation to European Integration and the European Court of Justice
Lucas Morgan
Garbage Wars: Problems and Solutions Concerning the Interstate Transport of Waste in America
Daniel Shean
Vienna Consular Treaty Obligations: The Consequences of US Non-Compliance
Roland D. McKay

Fall 2002 – Volume II, Number II

Determinants of the Outcomes of U.S. House Open Seat Elections
Scott Keller
Realism, Idealism, and Determination: United States Foreign Policy toward Angola during the Presidential Administrations of Ford, Carter, and Reagan: 1975-1989
Bill Hammons
The Supreme Court: Zelman v. Simmons-Harris and the Establishment Clause: Still a “Hopeless Disarray”
Anastasia Wade
Justifying NATO’s Intervention in Kosovo
Luke Nayef
Islamic Uprisings and National Faith: Egypt and Iran
Linda Broughton

Spring 2002 – Volume II, Number I

Treaty Ratification in the 101st Through 106th Congress
Emily A. Webb
Main Street: Public Space and Civic Engagement
Priya Metha
Having a Baby: Gender Bias in Newspaper Coverage of Governors
Alexis Derrossett & Beth McCormick
Rwanda and the Problem of Peace
Emily Harpster
Live from Doha- It’s …al-Jazeera
Samuel Rogers

Fall 2001 – Volume I, Number II

The Balancing Act: Determinants of Vice-Presidential Selection in Political Context
Julia R. Azari
The Changing of Southern Politics: The Case of George Wallace
Wendy Tegge
Spanish Language Use During the 2000 Campaign Cycle
Darya V. Pollak
The 1940 Destroyer Deal With Great Britain: What Might Have Been
Marko Djuranovic
About-Face: International Forces, The American Military, and the Reversal of Japanese Occupation Reforms
Tana Reisenauer
Kennedy, Khrushchev, and The Missile Crisis: The Politics of Cumulative Misperception
Katherine Lavin
The Communist Mirage: Women’s Representation in Cuba, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua
Lisa Schnall
Machiavelli and Locke: The Role of War in a State Wishing to Live in Liberty
Joanna Sabina Gedzior

Spring 2001 – Volume I, Number I

Requiem for a Rightward Shift in Politics: A Comparison of the Austrian Freedom Party with the American Republican Party
Megan Greene
Defining the Democratic: Imperial Germany and the Democratic Peace Theory
Maria A. Meginnes
The Second Amendment: Gun Control, the NRA, and the Silent Supreme Court
Molly Montgomery
Accountability at Home: Domestic Democratic Controls of EU Policy in Great Britain
Steven D. Tibbets
The Gulf of Tonkin Incident: The Presentation of Foreign Policy to the American Public
Jennifer Gillespie
The Economics of Fundamentalism in the Globalization Era
William Adler

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