Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics

Welcome to the Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics, a journal of undergraduate research in political science and government.

The editorial team from the Sigma Upsilon chapter at Elon University is thrilled to release their fourth issue: Volume XXII, No. 1, Spring 2022!

This issue features the work of five undergraduate authors:

“What Would Gandhi Do?” Gandhian Influence on the Indian Farmers’ Protests 2020-21
Nina Dang, St. Olaf College

Redpilling Normies: Alt-Right Identity on “Chan” Imageboards
Jack Corp, Drury University

280 Characters of Unfreedom: A Tocquevillian Examination of the Power & Danger of Social Media
Finn B Johnson, St. Olaf College

The Implications of Gender and the Islamic State: The Evolution of Female Roles in Iraq and Syria and Gendered Counterterrorism in the West
Mackenzie DePriest-Kessler, Elon University

The Log Cabin Republicans and the Construction of Male Citizenship in the GOP
Molly Lamendola, Fairfield University

The Journal welcomes submissions from undergraduates of any class or major; submissions from Pi Sigma Alpha members are especially encouraged. The Editorial Board routinely receives honors theses, senior seminar projects, capstone projects, and other original research papers produced in or out of class.

Please see the following website for more information on submitting to the Journalwww.elon.edu/u/academics/arts-and-sciences/political-science/psa-journal

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